In case you are scrambling in the 11th hour….here is some inspiration for your Thanksgiving (or Friends-giving!) table. This easy DIY is completely customizable to your aesthetic and colors. You can use whatever greenery you can find and the other items can be exchanged too for whatever you have on hand. (although, if you’re like me, you always have wine bottles and gold spray paint on hand!)  I also shared a shorter version of this tutorial on the blog for my new online shop, Olive + Pine.

Here is how I achieved this look:

1. Forage some beautiful greenery of various textures and shapes.

You can go to a trail where there is overgrown plants and lots of foliage to collect greenery. Be inconspicuous or at least confident as I’m not sure this practice is entirely legal, although all the florists I know do it (myself included. Having worked in florals for nearly a year I suppose I can start calling myself a florist? Maybe?)  Be sure to collect berries and colorful leaves (or do what we did and spray paint some dried leaves gold!).

2. Lay a runner down your table.

I chose burlap because I was going for a natural, understated look. And let’s be honest. It’s all I had on hand. Now, you might still be scarred from the burlap and mason jar apocalypse of 2012 so if you can’t yet stomach using burlap there’s no judgement here. Linen would also be beautiful.

3. Weave the base greenery together down the center.  

Be sure to hide the stems of the greenery so that it looks like a garland. Once you lay the “base” greenery be sure to add some pieces with movement so your garland doesn’t look flat. It’s really not as hard as it looks. The first time I made a “garland” I was amazed at how something so simple it was! I say “garland” because a real garland is actually a very time consuming process and requires wiring and loads of greenery. But for a table setting weaving/placing looks really, really good. Also use leftover sprigs of pretty greenery (or rosemary leftover from cooking!) to place on top of each plate or tuck into the napkin rings.

4. Add the eye-catching items.

Add votives with tea lights, some miniature pumpkins, pinecones, fall leaves, and berries. In the center of the table I used wine bottles spray-painted gold and taper candles of various heights. I dripped wax down the side of the bottles before placing them on the table. All the things we do to make settings look “natural”

Also: not pictured is my train wreck apartment in which this styled shoot took place. Or the fact that I was sheepishly running around my apartment property snipping from forbidden bushes. It was probably the most illegal thing I’ve ever done. Seriously, just go to a park. They have better greenery anyways as I’ve since learned. I think for Christmas pine and juniper would make a gorgeous setting.

I hope your Thanksgiving is a special and joyful time!