“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus

Though the leaves are still green where I live…fall is coming. There have been a few days where I have caught that sweet scent of autumn in the air.

Autumn is my favorite season. There is just something about it. That crispness in the air. The anticipation of holidays. The golden light, the muted palettes of nature. There a form of somberness mixed with expectant joy. It is a more mature joy than summer, and a more solemn celebration shadowed by the premonitions of winter. Invigorating, yet solemn. Inspiring and beautiful. The world pauses.

Ok, so there’s my poet side. But in addition to fall itself, I also love fall fashion. I love the layering, the boots, the leggings, the scarves. I love the warm muted tones. I love everything about it.

In this shoot I tried to display the whimsical, winsome, wistful, and wondrous, nature of the beginning of fall. There is also something distinctly adventurous about fall, something that makes you feel like you could do anything or go anywhere (This is represented by the suitcase).

This dress from Ruche is my new favorite dress. It is perfect for fall. It is carelessly flowy. It is versatile and perfect for layering. And that lovely hue? Olive is my color.

You’ll also notice my key necklace by The Giving Keys. Their mission is so inspiring. If you haven’t heard of them, they exist to spread hope and encouragement while at the same time giving jobs to people who are homeless. Each key is hand engraved with an inspiring message. You purchase a key with a message that gives you courage and then wear it until you meet someone who needs the message on the key more than you do. Then, you give it to them. My key says “Inspire”. I chose this key because I feel like my calling in life is to inspire others. With the health struggles I’ve been battling it is easy to get stuck in my own world and problems but this is a reminder to be strong and don’t give up even when I feel week. Someday I will meet someone who needs this message, and this key will become theirs. But in the meantime, I wear it and it empowers me, not through the magic of a charm, but through the power of its message.

I also love the combat boot trend. I purchased those boots last year, but I provided links to similar boots.

Giving Keys: Inspire, Dream, Fearless (each key is unique!)
Dress: Great Falls Trapeze Dress
Combat Boots: (SimilarSimilar)