“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.”
 — Nicholas Burroughs


Having a newfound obsession with minimalism and the simplification of my life and wardrobe, I am always on the lookout for great jewelry that goes with anything. I found Katie through Instagram and immediately fell in love with her minimalistic jewelry and her fantastic blog! (I just ordered her 03 necklace and cannot wait to start wearing it!)

Katie is the jewelry maker and designer behind Daily Wares Co.  She lives in Utah with her husband and little girl. Although she didn’t go to school for art (she studied Public Relations), she is quite artsy and has a drive to create. I am so excited to introduce her and her beautiful pieces to you lovely readers today!


11356585_1673989826170438_600788469_nWhat is the story behind Daily Wares Co?

After having a baby and simplifying my life, I decided to simplify my closet. With that, came simplifying my accessories. I had a really hard time finding quality and affordable minimal accessories.

My sister has been making jewelry for years, and she showed me the ropes! After making pieces for myself, friends started asking me to make pieces for them, and I realized other people were looking for the same thing I was. From there, Daily Wares Co. was born.

Where do you derive inspiration for your designs? What is your process?

When I create a new design, I try to create a versatile piece with classic shapes and lines, as I think frequently the more basic the more beautiful!

All Daily Wares Co. pieces are made to order. I love being able to customize the lengths for everyone’s different needs and wants! And I’ve had customers reach out with a certain design / style in mind, and I’m able to create a custom piece for them.

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What is your favorite piece that you’ve made so far?

That’s hard to say, I honestly love all our pieces! My top three favorites would be 01, 03, and 07. I’ve got a petite dainty version of 03 that’s headed to the shop as soon as I can find time to photograph it!

What advice would you give someone who is looking to simplify their wardrobe?

Start small! I’m doing a series on a mini capsule on my blog right now.

What is your ideal Saturday?

A morning trip to the Farmer’s Market with my family, lunch at a yummy local place, and a hike in the beautiful mountains I’m so lucky to live by.

To see more of her pieces visit her website: //www.dailywaresco.com

Follow Katie on Instagram: @dailywaresco