I’ve always been a book worm. But one genre I’ve never much cared for is “self-help” or “how to find sucess” books. You know the ones I mean. While I’m sure some of them are quite useful, I’ve always been turned off by the genre because of titles like “10 Tips to Make Your Marriage Last!” or “7 Ways to Triple Your Income Without Going To Jail” – books that typically seem to boil down complicated issues into a multi-step system. I don’t see the world as a machine but as a complex organism, so I guess I can’t appreciate those kinds of books. I’m much more likely to be buried in Harry Potter or a memoir.

However, I have been striving to find myself this year and start a creative business that is both profitable and satisfies my need for creative expression. I recently discovered these books….and they are all sitting in my Amazon cart along with about 20 other books waiting for me to have the money to buy them (including my books for the home wishlist). Some of these books might fall into the self-helpish genre, or at lease the how-to genre. But I am excited to learn from amazing people and I’m pretty sure I won’t find a 3 step system to instant success. A couple of these were recommended at the Circles Conference I attended last week. The others I found on social media. I am especially excited about Creative Block as it was written by Danielle of The Jealous Curator, my latest blogging crush. I thought I would share in case any of my fellow creatives are looking for a new read. (Click on the image to go to the link)

creativeblockcreativeconfidence showyourwork manageyourdaytodaySteallikeanartist

(In case the images are broken/blocked: Steal Like an ArtistCreative Confidence:Show Your Work, Creative Block, Manage Your Day to Day)