Before I start this post, I just have to say: watercolor artists are amazing! It took me a looooonnnnggg time to do the terribly mediocre Target bullseye that was the featured image for this post. So to all the artists in the world: go you!

This post is different than most of my posts. While I usually deal with fun recipes, pretty pictures, and my mushy life philosophies, this one cuts through the glorified realms of the blogosphere into the realm of normal life experience: grocery shopping. We are all looking for ways to save money, and I’m going to share what has been the biggest way I’ve saved money on groceries.

I’m just going to be upfront about this one, guys. I thought about being subtle but I’m just going to hit this one head on. This is pretty much an ad. It’s even sponsored through Target’s affiliate program. But this ad isn’t for you to buy something; it’s for you to save money (wow, that sounds so ad-ish but I am serious). I’m telling you, I don’t promote brands unless I believe in them. And Target is just something I love on a soul level. They have groceries, home decor, affordable + fashionable clothing, cute shoes, and the dollar section (lately the $3 section but even Target can’t control inflation)! I mean, where else can you get ice cream, leggings, toilet paper, gluten free pizza and a mirror for your entryway in one trip? If I could only shop at one location for the rest of my days it would have to be Target.


Most of you probably don’t need me to convince you to shop at Target. Unless you live in Canada (sorry Canadians), or in some uber hip city that has services that deliver groceries to your doorstep (cough cough San Francisco), you’re probably familiar with the merits of shopping at Target.

What I’m here to convince you of is the merits of getting a Redcard.

Now, you’ve probably been marketed at to get a Red Card for months or even years. And it can get old being asked in the checkout aisle for the umpteenth time, “Are you using a Redcard today?” No. “Would you like to apply for one?” No.

So if the overworked and slightly bored checkout lady hasn’t already worn you down into getting one, I’m going to give it a try. I’m just going to tell you why I love having a Red Card and how it has benefited me.

Besides being able to avoid the above conversation, proudly saying “Yes, I’m going to use my Redcard and my Cartwheel coupons, too!”, I’ve experienced several benefits to having this card of Redness.

There is a 5% discount on your entire purchase

This may not sound like a lot, but if you are buying groceries for a party or Christmas presents for all 6 of your nieces and nephews, 5% can make a difference. Considering how expensive groceries are these days 5% usually turns into about $30 off our grocery bills over the course of the month. It also helps me feel less guilty about ice cream emergencies or when I find the perfect dress on clearance. $30 savings a month x 12 = $360 in savings per year.

An extra 30 days to return items

This one is so nice. I just found a lamp in the closet that I had bought on a whim and decided we didn’t need. It’s been past the normal return policy date, but I can still return it because of the Redcard.

Free Shipping

Honestly, I’m in target so often that I haven’t taken advantage of this yet. But it is a great benefit if you shop online frequently! The last thing we need to talk about is…

Debit vs Credit

There are two different Redcards. One is debit and the other one is (you guessed it!) credit. We have both. Most people assume that the Redcard is only a credit card, but if you want a debit card that pulls the money directly from your bank account while giving you a 5% discount, you can do that too! They both work exactly the same way. One benefit of having the credit card is that it has given us another line of credit which has helped our credit score. Being young newlyweds, building our credit is something we have intentionally been working on. I’m just going to be honest here and say that having the credit card does make it more tempting to spend more than you should. But it also is convenient for those months where car repairs, medical bills, and birthdays all seem to collide and things are a bit tight between paydays.

So there you have it! If my Redcard Manifesto has convinced you that you need one, follow this link to sign up!

Do you have a Redcard? How has it benefitted you? Share in the comments!