I love everything about going downtown. There’s something magical about the combination of old and new. The square in McKinney is one of the most charming downtowns I’ve ever been to. So many happy childhood memories took place there, and I was married at a venue nearby! McKinney’s square is filled with a plethora of the cutest little stores and restaurants. I love seeing happy families walking around with their little ones. One rainy day my mom and I went to my favorite restaurant, Square Burger. If you live in North Texas you need to go. Their food is insanely fresh and delicious and they have great gluten free options as well!

I love the modern aesthetic of the place. The walls are made of floor to ceiling windows, and there is an awesome bar area. The best way to describe it is light and clean. It has modern, sleek lines but is still very comfortable. The food is fantastic. My go-to is Lynn’s Salmon Salad with a Shirley Temple and a side of sweet potato fries. You haven’t had sweet potato fries until you have tried Square Burger’s sweet potato fries! They are mouthwateringly good. The salmon that comes with Lynn’s Salmon Salad is the most tender, delicately seasoned patty, and the salad is topped with candied nuts, grated apples, and a light vinaigrette. Every time I eat it I feel so healthy.You might feel like you’re splurging on your budget (at $20+ a person) but you won’t be splurging on your health!

In the summer the chef’s special is corn soup…it is literally the BEST thing you will ever taste.  My husband’s go-to is the Mushroom Burger…with the mushrooms on the side (so that I can eat them. He doesn’t like mushrooms!). My other favorite dish, when I want something a little heavier, is the Franconi Dunkel Glazed BBQ Ribs. It is actually listed as an appetizer but I eat it as a meal. It comes with a side of the most unusual and delicious grated apple salad. I haven’t figured out the secret ingredient that gives it a kick. Mint, perhaps? Anyways, you won’t be disappointed with your meal here. Anything you order is destined to live forever in the annals of your “best meals” and you will randomly get uncontrollable Square Burger cravings.  (Please don’t be upset when you’re starving after looking at this mouth-watering food. Also, I love these photos of my mom)

I may sound like an ad but I promise this post is not sponsored. I am just Square Burger’s biggest fan (or at least I like to think so)!