“It’s pointless to have a nice clean desk, because it means you’re not doing anything.”
– Michio Kaku

I’m not sure how true the above quote is, but it makes me feel better about the current state of my desk. A set workspace – whether you prefer to keep it clean or “broken in” –  aids in inspiration and creativity.

In the previous apartment my husband and I lived in, we had no table or area for me to work, so I ended up turning a box upside down and working in bed. With calligraphy. And watercolor. And other staining items that often ended up on our new sheets. Oops. Thus, when we moved to a larger apartment I had spent several months thinking about what kind of workspace I wanted. This was the result. (scroll to the bottom to find out where I got each item)


To be perfectly honest, however, I still do a great deal of my work in bed. (Just not calligraphy.)

I shared a quick phone snapshot of my newly completed workspace on Instagram and had so much positivity that I thought I would share where I bought each item it in more detail here.

My Workspace


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

My Workspace Accesories


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

The only links not included in the collages are:

  • the wire and clips. While an unconventional use for a curtain wire and curtain clips, these are super useful for hanging wet artwork and lettering to dry! It should also be noted that the shelf brackets, wire, and clips do not come in gold. I spray painted them. My husband teases me about my utter obsession with gold spray paint. I might have a problem but I have to say I’m really happy with how everything turned out!
  • the ABC artwork and bow/bun artwork as well as the gold coral are from Hobby Lobby.
  • calligraphy print (“Take time to do what makes your soul happy”) is by Parris Chic Boutique .
  • here is where you can subscribe to Darling Mag . I am utterly in love with their publication!

One of my favorite additions is the beautiful plant I picked up. It brightens the space so much, and plants make me very happy. Even if you can’t afford to do a major redesign of your current workspace, $15 invested in a plant can make a huge difference!

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