This year has been one great quest of trying to find my creative niche. I immersed myself in the worlds of calligraphy and hand lettering, watercolor, photography, and floral design (and interned with the incredible Bows and Arrows flowers), as well as researching dozens of other creative professions. One of the (many!) courses I attended in the spring was the Concinnity workshop. The definition of concinnity is: “the skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something.” Isn’t that such an awesome word?! I love the heart behind this workshop. It was a course that touched on calligraphy, photography, floral design, and styling. In my true almost put together style, I arrived two hours late because I had mixed up my dates. But the rest of the course was fantastic!

That day was my first time with a DSLR camera, and I had a great time shooting and experimenting! There were so many wonderful creative gals and vendors that came together to make this workshop possible. It was coordinated by Hannah Hagaman of Cottonwood Road Photography and featured the talents of Taylor Beam of Magnolia Tree Paperie, Kendall Hanna of Kendall Hanna Photography, Andi Jamison of Bows and Arrows, and others! Please enjoy these terribly imperfect photos that I immensely enjoyed taking 🙂